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Fitness is an outstanding form of exercises. It is designed for and aims at women, their states of mind and perfect silhouettes. It is very popular in the United States and is attracting more and more attention in Europe. The scientific tests that have been done in the USA are the proof that fitness is an ideal form of physical activity that is created to improve the woman’s psycho-physic condition.

Fitness is often used to fight against depression, muscle tension, obesity and tiredness. Its priority target is a psychical mobilization – it makes you want to work on your own body through adequate, decent and selected exercises. Thanks to these exercises, the blood flow in muscles and soft parts of joints becomes better. It has positive effects: it helps you remove toxins from your body and reduce fat tissue.

To achieve optimal effect, we advise you to use gymnastics for slimming with Lomi-Lomi Nui massages – it is an anti-cellulite technique (have a look at massages, information -> detailed offer).

The main aspects of gymnastics for slimming:

Trening personalny Częstochowa - Tomasz Boral

  • it helps your body start slimming processes;
  • guarantees safe and natural weight loss;
  • reduces fat tissue in your body;
  • perfectly slims your body;
  • maintains good condition of your body;
  • stimulates bones, joints and muscles to develop;
  • supports the respiratory system and the circulatory system;
  • revives your metabolism;
  • has a positive impact on functioning of your internal organs;
  • helps you maintain psychical balance;
  • strengthens and immunizes the whole system;
  • protects you against the negative effects of modern civilization (boredom, stress, the results of difficult living conditions and monotonous work)


trening personalny

The specific of exercises:

  • gymnastic-aerobic
  • strength-endurance
  • isometric
  • all-purpose
  • cardiovascular
  • breathing
  • medical

We can divide types of fitness exercises by the parts of muscles that are involved in:

  • developing abs and abdominal oblique muscles
  • strengthening shoulder girdles and deltoid muscles
  • mobilizing muscles of hips and thighs
  • firming muscles of gluteus
  • stimulating muscles that are near the spine
  • shaping muscles of legs and arms

Gymnastics for slimming is the only efficient, natural and healthy method for losing weight. It will help you regain the faith in yourself and will make your self-esteem better. It also protects you against many dangerous illnesses. The perfect silhouette isn’t a dream only – it is within your reach! You can choose your form of trainings: personal, group or mass trainings.

Ladies, we invite you to visit us and try our fitness Częstochowa trainings – the first one is free of charges!