Special offer for companies

Caring about the well-fare of your company, its dynamic development and the health of your staff, we are presenting you this offer of the partnership with the Private School of Fighting “Backfist”. Specially for the employees and friends of your company we will organize fully professional trainings, and we will adjust the level of difficulty to the most demanding needs of our client. The new skills will surely impress your boss. You will present yourselves as a harmonious, physically fit and emotionally balanced team.

During these trainings you will free yourselves from the chains of every day’s stress and muscle tension. The condition of your inner system’s balance and your psychical harmony will let you feel laid-back and relaxed. It will positively affect the effect of your professional work.

We are offering the following forms of training:

  • trainings that include elements of self-defense skills

  • self-defense courses

  • gymnastics for slimming – for ladies

  • trainings for uniformed services in the field of intervention techniques

Our offer also includes a professional show in the form of the presentation of martial arts as a setting of various events:

  • presentations of companies

  • marketing kampania

  • promotions of products

  • integration parties

  • promotional videos

  • photo sessions

  • conferences

  • trainings

  • banquets

  • markets

  • vernissage

  • imprezy estradowe

  • concerts

  • sport events

  • fashion shows

The martial arts shows are excellent: expressive, vivid and exuberant. It is a wonderful and dynamic way of advertising as well as a setting of many commemorative events.

We are trying to break out of conventions and stereotypes. We are looking for the most attractive forms of expression. Our professionalism and impressive experience are the guaranty of the attractiveness of our shows and trainings.

We will customize our offer to the individual needs of the most demanding clients’.

We heartily invite you to cooperate with us! Our offer guarantees your satisfaction.