Massage is an intense work with the body on each of levels, harmonizing and regulating functioning of the whole organism. The aim of the massage is to obtain healing, relaxation-cosmetic or preventive effects.

Lomi-Lomi Nui – Hawaiian art of massage (deep relaxation massage)

Lomiis a Hawaiian word defining massage. In literal translation it means pressure, and also “stroking by velvet paw of a satisfied cat”. Repetition of the word lomi strengthens its exceptionality.

Lomi-lomi Nui is unusual massage with primeval tradition and roots, which lead to Hawaii. It was cultivated by Kahunis, ancient guards of a secret knowledge and system of healing. It is beautiful, harmonious massage consisting deep relaxing touch. It helps to reach internal balance between body, mind and spirit. That is why people who try this treatment feel extremely relaxed. Obviously I would like to assure, that it is not an advertising whether a marketing catch. Nowadays manual therapy Lomi-Lomi Nui is incredibly popular in many famous SPA and Wellness centers on the whole world . Initially it was practiced only in Hawaii and in the United States, so I had an opportunity to learn from the origins. Native Hawaiian – Rita Mattern was my teacher of this traditional art of massage.


The description of the massage

In Lomi – Lomi massage varied techniques are used, based mainly on smooth, long and slow movements using forearms on the oiled body of massaged person. During the treatment deep techniques of pressure (painless) are applied using suitable stimulus by elbows and palms.
Massage usually takes from 1 – 1,5 of hour. It demands from the massage therapist full concentration, sensibilities and experience.

Indications and effects

  • Increases the level of the life energy flow
  • Brings the state of a deep relaxation giving release from tensions and stress
  • Helps in the treatments of neurosis, insomnias and migraines
  • Helps to achieve balance between body, mind and spirit by harmonizing nervous system
  • Helps in weight lose and digestion processes
  • Supports circulation system
  • Gives a feeling of relief for muscles and joints
  • Removes toxic substances from the organism
  • There are no contradictions concerning age so it is also recommended for elders


Can be a great present for you, as well as for someone special.
It is extraordinary feeling of calm and relaxation.
Lomi – Lomi Nui

Sounds exotic…

But it is in your reach…


Healing massage

ból pleców

French doctor Ambroży Pare (1517-1590) for the first time in history of medicine started to use this method of healing .

As he observed stroking of ache places brings the patient relief in suffering as well as gives local changes on skin. However stronger stroking and rubbing affects muscles.

Healing massage is applied using hands, suitable apparatuses in the case of preventing or fighting with pathological changes in soft tissues.
In the effect it causes dilation of blood vessels and increases local metabolism. Blood and lymph are shifted from the body circuit to vessels lying deeper . Skins nervous endings as well as tissues laying under its surface are stimulated. Muscles are more elastic owing to muscles relaxation. Healing massage affects indirectly on the whole organism . The treatment can be partial or total.

Partial can be applied every day, total usually every second day.

After the first treatment often reaction such as muscles pain appears which soon disappears.

Total massage is used in the treatment of obesities, diabetes in diseases of circulations system, skin, muscles and nervous system diseases. It is recommended to apply also exercises, which increase its influence.

Often it is used in rehabilitation as one of the physiotherapeutic methods as well as in sport practices, where it is one of the biological rejuvenation forms.

The description of the massage

Palm movements are used on the oiled patients body from circuit to the centre of the body in accordance to blood flow direction.

Movements should be continuous as far as possible, without taking off hands from the massaged surface. Strength of the pressure should be adjusted that it can not be painful for the massaged person.

Massage varies according to the time of stimulus:

  • Short- stimulating massage(10-20 minutes)
  • Average – stimulating massage(20-30 minutes)
  • Long – stimulating massage (30-45 minutes)

Order of techniques applied in healing massage:

  • Stroking
  • Rubbing
  • Pressure
  • Clapping
  • Shaking
  • Vibration
  • Stroking

Indications to the massage:

  • Circulation system diseases (chronic circulatory failure , low blood pressure)
  • Skin diseases (scars, frostbites, skin nutritive disorders )
  • Child’s diseases (faulty posture, rickets, infantile cerebral palsy )
  • Respiratory system diseases ( asthma, emphysema, chronic bronchitis )
  • Nervous system diseases: (peripheral nerves diseases – chronic inflammation of nerves/neuritis, herniated disc syndrome , Lumbago) (Central nervous system diseases – after injuries, diseases of brain, cerebral meninges, diseases with muscles paresis or paralysis, Parkinson’s disease )
  • Movement organ diseases ( posttraumatic states like bruises, twisting, dislocations, states after bones fractures and surgical treatments)
  • Rheumatic diseases (all forms of arthritis, joints and spine diseases)
  • Occupational Diseases (vibratory disease syndrome, neurosis, changes in movement organ)

Healing massage is not only a medical treatment….it is a checked preventive method…


Sports massage

The methodology and techniques of sports massage comes from classic healing massage. It is an intensive massage that reduces organism fatigue caused by intensive physical activity. Its main aim is the removal of muscular tension symptoms in short time, without loss of the energy for the whole organism. It has to prevent injuries and to heal it, when necessary.
The massage form first of all depends on individual features of the athlete and discipline as well as the season of the year.

The description of the massage

Sports massage is similar to healing massage, the only one difference is focusing on stronger influence techniques.

To distinguish:

  • Rubbing
  • Pressure
  • Squeezing


According to its effectiveness the massage should be applied in series 15-20 treatments after which 2 weeks pause is recommended.

It is planned according to definite schedule with changing intensity of applied stimulus. The duration of total sports massage varies from 40 to 60 minutes where 60% is pressure techniques. Whole body massage is used in general training workload, and partial massage at local.

We divide sports massage depending on the aim and the period of applying:

  • Supporting
  • Training
  • Regenerative
  • Before exertion

Indication to the massage:

  • Prepares the organism to physical activity (warm-up)
  • Supports high organism activity during sports contests
  • Shortens the time of the organism regeneration after intensive and long physical effort
  • Helps in the muscular mass building training
  • Regulates extreme emotional states (apathy or starting fever)
  • Prevents injuries and contusions


Sports massage is the therapy that your muscles demand…