You will find amateur and extreme all-purpose workouts in our offer. Our extreme multi-field training is dedicated for representatives of many competitive sport disciplines. We are working on preparing competitors for starting seasons before the process of specialist training in the field of their sport disciplines. This training perfectly prepares the competitor to take part in championships by special adaptation of his organism. Amateur all-purpose training aims at children, teenagers and adults. All-purpose gymnastic is a type of recreational training. Its main aspect is speeding up physical and psychical relaxation and maintaining the good condition of the people who practice it.

The methodic of all-purpose workouts:

  • psychical preparations of competitors for championships and the upcoming season
  • individual consultations and diet recommendations
  • developing and forming of psychomotor qualities
  • developing flexibility by stretching
  • isometric exercises for additional development of muscles
  • all-purpose workouts which help your body endure more than it can endure now
  • elements of strenght/endurance training
  • biological spa, massage and regeneration of muscles