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Private Fighf School  BACKFIST in Częstochowa

Welcome all martial arts, kickboxing, karate and mma  young adepts, sympathizers as well as all visitors of Private Fight School ‘BACKFIST’ internet site.

Regardless your age and your sports discipline, kickboxing, karate, krav maga, muay thai or mma, if you are amateur whether professional. Our aim is multiphase, individual help in order to achieve your peak form and simultaneous reduce the injury risk. Your health and fitness are the most important for us. Sports achievements improvement demands something more than only physical effort or accidental training methods.

To become a champion you need complex, individual training and dietetic programme, as well as suitable, well-chosen biological rejuvenation treatments. Martial arts and sports are very wide notion including not only techniques of fight and physical practices, but also essential forms that develop spiritual values and character features.


Prywatna Szkoła Walki "BACKFIST"

TOMASZ BORAL, ul. Hutników 9, 42-200 Częstochowa

e-mail: [email protected]
tel: 0 602 745 495