Martial arts – Kick-boxing

Martial arts have been developing through the past decades. MMA has a visible impact on their form. MMAMixed Martial Arts. Some experts say that Bruce Lee, who is the precursor of the free style where every move is allowed, is the father of modern MMA.

Bruce Lee was the first master of martial arts who initiated connecting various fighting techniques without dividing them into so-called styles. Ultimate Fighting Champions organized “gladiator’s duels” with the presence of various martial arts experts in November, 1993.

This movement developed wider in 1997, simultaneously in Japan and Brazil. At the beginning, the greatest successes were celebrated by the representatives of Brazilian ju-jitsu, as the famous Gracie brothers, although many kicking and hitting wrestlers, such as Mark Coleman, appeared among the winners very quickly.

During the beginning years, the representatives of punching martial arts turned out to be defenseless and ineffective in ground fighting.

But kick-boxing, especially of the heavy weight categories, led to an innovation – more and more fights were won because of efficacious counterattacks to knockdowns and overpowering in ground fighting.

Around 1997, it became clear that no fighting style has a monopoly for winning in MMA and – as always – it is a man who is the true value of everything.

The representatives of BBJ, kick-boxing, muay thai and wrestling have contributed to building MMA.

MMA is a sport discipline that has a wide range of allowed techniques.

Cross-training is used in MMA in the following dimensions of fighting:

  • Striking

  • Hand-to-hand combat

  • Ground fighting

The Private School of Martial Arts “Backfist” heartily invites everyone to seize the opportunity of the multi-field, personal martial arts training. We provide you with the professional staff of trainers. They cooperate with and study under the watchful eye of the greatest masters of martial arts: International Martial Arts and Boxing Academy, Academy, Sifu Richard Bustillo, who was once Bruce Lee’s student, and who studied under Benny Urquidez in Team Karate Centers The Jet, Los Angeles, USA.

Modern methods of training:

  • basic and advanced techniques


  • techniques of defense and offense used in kick-boxing

  • model of training: group or personal

  • duration of each training: 2 trainings a week per 90min/1.5h each

Children’s gymnastics with kick-boxing elements:

  • activities which develop the entire condition of the child – mental and physical, and their balanced growth

  • basic fighting techniques training

  • exercising for muscles of respiration and postural muscles (elements of therapeutic gymnastics)

  • movement forms for fun

  • model of training: group

  • duration: one time a week, 60min/1h

Boxing is as popular as MMA, kick-boxing, muay thai and karate in Częstochowa. Boxing trainings are a perfect form of a sport activity that is chosen by many representatives of other sport disciplines.


The contestants of CKM Włókniarz Częstochowa, including Borys Miturski and Artur Czaja, avail themselves of our boxing training and kick-boxing training offer. Our boxing training offer is formed for amateurs and professionals.

A personal training is an amazing proposition of swift tutoring which also aims at professionally preparing the contestants for the cycle of boxing competitions.

Our experience in the range of boxing techniques has been gained in the USA, cooperating with Joe De Grandis, 3-time pretender for the title of the Professional World Master of the WBC Federation of Boxing (the past opponent of Dariusz Michalczewski’s). This experience of ours lets you feel safe and comfortable during personal trainings. We guarantee the right methodology of teaching boxing techniques and we provide you with absolute professionalism.

We want to invite you to get to know our education offer in the field of classic boxing.

Boxing – contemporary methods of training:

  • basic and advanced training

  • defensive and offensive techniques in boxing

  • model of training: personal or in group

  • duration: 2 trainings a week, 90min/1.5h each


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