It is a special form of motive work out classes created especially for woman, her mood and impeccable figure. It becomes extremely popular in the United States and it is getting more and more interest in Europe.
Scientific researches in the USA prove, that it is a perfect form of physical activity leading to improvement of psychophysical shape. It is often used in a fight with depression, muscular tension, obesity and tiredness. Psychical mobilization is its main aim which motivates to work on own body through suitable exercises. The result is stimulation of circulation blood flow through muscles and soft parts of joints. In the effect it leads to fatty tissue reduction and to removal of harmful toxins from the organism. To obtain optimum effects it is advised to use both slimming gymnastics with massage treatments Lomi-Lomi Nui – antycellulite technique (look massages, information – detailed offer).

Fit woman exercising with weights

Main aspects of slimming gymnastics:

  • helps in weight lose processes
  • guarantees safe and natural fall of weight
  • reduces fatty tissue in the organism
  • models figure
  • keeps the whole body in good shape
  • stimulates to the development the whole organ of movement (bones, joints and muscles)
  • supports respiratory and circulation systems
  • stimulates metabolism processes
  • has good influence on inner organs
  • affects on the psychical balance
  • strengthens and immunizes the whole system
  • counteracts harmful influence of the civilization (fatigue, stress, effect of difficult live conditions and one-side work)

Exercises specification:

  • gymnastic-aerobic
  • forcible-stamina
  • isometric
  • generally body developing
  • efficient
  • respiratory
  • wholesome (heal)

Exercises classification according to particular parts of muscles:

  • developing abdominal muscles
  • strengthening shoulder belt and chest muscles
  • mobilizing hip belt muscles and tight muscles
  • firming bottom muscles
  • stimulating back spin muscles
  • shaping lower and upper limbs

Sliming gymnastics, is the only one natural and healthy way of loosing superfluous kilograms. It will help you to regain belief in yourself, improve your self-esteem, and at the same time it will reduce the risk of many dangerous diseases. The impeccable figure is not only a dream…it is in the range of your hands! You can choose from any form of classes: personal training, group, mass We invite all ladies for the first training for free!!!