Seminar with GM Richard Bustillo student of Bruce Lee

Richard Bustillo – The Iron Dragon, Bruce Lee’s lifelong friend and student, and a trustee of martial arts Lee Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do, the founder and main instructor of International Martial Arts and Boxing Academy in California, USA.

He comes from Hawaii where he started training judo when he was 8. He attended boxing trainings and participated in competitions when he was 10, and when he was 14, he started to train Kajukenbo. After he had graduated from high school, he left for studies in California. He got a lot of prestigious awards (including Golden and Silver Gloves) by winning in boxing competitions. When he was 24, he decided to train Jeet Kune Do under Bruce Lee’s watchful eye in the Jun Fan Gung Fu Institute in Chinatown, Los Angeles. He is the instructor of the First Generation Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do.

Grandmaster Bustillo is the owner of the highest master grades of Muay Thai Doce Pares Eskrima (black belt, 11th degree), Jujitsu and Wrestling. He and Grandmaster Dan Inosato are widely considered to be the promoters of The Philippine Martial Arts – kali escrima and arnis in the world.

Grandmaster Bustillo is an instructor of many security services in the USA, such as the FBI, LASD and LAPD in defensive tactics. He was honored with many remarkable awards, including the title of the Instructor of the Year and the Pioneer of Martial Arts, given by the Black Belt magazine, the title of the Pioneer of Martial Arts, given by the Museum of Martial Arts History, the Award of the Entirety of Achievements in the field of the Philippine Martial Arts. Moreover, Grandmaster Bustillo is the member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in the USA. As one of the most titled martial arts masters, he has been on the cover of over 30 martial arts magazines.

He is considered to be a very demanding teacher. The seminaries of Martial Arts with his presence evoke a great interest all around the world. Grandmaster Richard Bustillo is one of a few of Bruce Lee’s students who share their knowledge about Lee Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do while traveling across the globe.

Moreover, GM Bustillo has a permission for schooling Jeet Kune Do instructiors. One time a year he organizes Instructors Clinic (training for instructors) in International Martial Arts and Boxing Academy. This year, Tomasz Boral, who is a trainer, had the privilege to take part in such training.

The date of the seminary:

15th (Saturday) – 16th Sunday, October, 2011

10am till 11.30am – break – 1pm till 3.30pm
Częstochowa, Jasnogórska Street no.8, LO im. Norwida (Cyprian Norwid High School)
The range of the training:
1st day – 9am till 11:30am Jiu-Jitsu/Wrestling, 1pm till 3:30pm Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima
2nd day – 9am till 11:30am Boxing/Muay Thai , 1pm till 3.30pm Jeet Kune Do

You need to pay in order to book your place during this seminary.

Your presence during the seminary will be confirmed with a certificate of participation, emitted by the International Martial Arts and Boxing Academy and the Private School of Martial Arts “BACKFIST”.

If you are interested, you can contact us by the following means:
phone: 602745495

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