Seminar with Benny „The Jet” Urquidez

  • Legendary Six Time World Champion Kickboxer in 5 different weight divisions and Martial Arts Master.
  • Originating the sport of Kick Boxing in North America.
  • Remained undefeated for 27 years until his retirement from professional competition. His record is: 63 wins, 57 by K.O., zero loses. Alomst 200 fights, all won.
  • He has black belt in nine different styles: judo, kempo, shotokan, taekwondo, lima lama, white crane kung fu, jujutsu, aikido and karate.
  • Sensei Benny created an original system of Free Form martial arts, combining nine different styles to create Ukidokan karate.
  • Today he takes his profound skills and knowledge to the world wide masses, teaching Ukidokan, working on countless film & television productions such as TNT’s Southland and has received an Emmy nomination for his work on CBS televisions Criminal Minds.
  • A great actor and martial arts scenes choreographer. He has played a number of roles in various martial arts movies: with Jackie Chan in “Wheels on Meals and Dragons Forever” His final fight with Chan in “Wheels on Meals” is considered to be among the finest fights of martial arts movies. He has played in “Roadhouse” with Patrick Swayze, “Blood Match”, “Street Fighter” with Jean Claude Van Damme, “Grosse Pointe Blank” with John Cusack. “1408”, “Spider-Man”, “Criminal Minds” etc.
  • Gained many prestigious awards as Martial Arts Hall of Fame and Competitor of the Year from Black Belt Magazine.

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