Legal note

Thank you very much for the interest of my activity and internet service. Following legal note defines conditions and restrictions of using this internet service and it refers to all its users. Using the service in any way means acceptance of the present conditions.


Author rights.

Content of the internet service (its content and appearance) state my intellectual property and it is protected by the authors rights, particularly law regulations from 4th of February 1994 about the authors right and related rights (Dz. U. from 2006 No. 90, item 631 with ch.). All information placed in following service, especially files, textual, photo, graphic, sound and movie materials, as well as theirs fragments, can not be reproduced in any form, transferred, distributed or kept without my previous and written permission. All modifications of the internet service content are forbidden. Some fragments of the internet service contain materials, which are protected by authors rights belonging to theirs suppliers.


Guarantees and responsibility.

Information given on the site of my internet service are not binding. I do not bear responsibility for any direct, indirect, or different losses which are the result of using my service or any other connected internet site, including, lost profits, contracts, computer programs damages as well as other data, contained in data processing system or on other carrier, even in case, when I will receive clear information about possibilities of such damages appearance.

Internet service can contain connections with other internet sites. This type of connection is only for the comfort of the User. I also do not guarantee, as I do not bear responsibilities, for any other internet site, which is directly or indirectly accessible from my internet service.


Comments, questions and suggestions.

Every information, suggestions, ideas or different comments sent to me I will treat as no secret and unreserved. It accepts, that user, which sends me information or materials, gives me the right of free administering them, reproduction, showing, implementing, modification, passing and distribution as well as he gives permission for using sent, in any aim, ideas, idea, knowledge or techniques.


Accessible software on the site of the internet service. 

Each Software accessible on the site of my internet service is protected authors rights belonging to me or its suppliers. Using of this Software is regulated by decisions of possible license contract for final user, which is included to the Software as: ‘License Agreement”. If License Agreement does not states differently, The Software can be downloaded from the net exclusively for the use of the final users. Any duplication or redistribution of the Software against decisions of License Agreement may lead to civil – legal consequences. Simultaneously I do not bear no responsibility for the Software.


Information about the service.

All materials contained on sites of my internet service have been prepared according to the most current accessible information in the moment of publication. Simultaneously I reserve myself a right to modifying service content in any moment.

Częstochowa, November 2007